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Moral Basis of the Financial Crisis

March 22, 2009

William Donohue March 2009 On December 18, Pope Benedict XVI told 11 new ambassadors to the Vatican that economic development and financial policies must be based on firm ethical grounds. This was not a throw-away statement: the pope has long understood that at the root of contemporary political, economic and social problems is a cultural collapse.... [Read more...]

Human Rights Stood on Its Head

March 19, 2009

William Donohue March 2009 On January 23, President Barack Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy that barred federal funds from being used to promote or perform abortions overseas. He was immediately congratulated by every pro-abortion organization in the nation. The next day he won their plaudits again when he said that “It is time that we end the... [Read more...]

Treason of the Intellectuals

January 19, 2009

Joseph A. Varacalli January-February 2009 Anne Hendershott, Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education, Transaction Publishers In a recent e-mail sent to me, a distinguished Catholic priest and well-known mover and shaker in Catholic circles made reference to “the forty years war (1965-2005) for the Catholic Church in America that was... [Read more...]

Some Really Love Abortion

January 19, 2009

William Donohue January-February 2009 The pro-life movement knows that 2009 will test its reserve more than ever before. It is an appropriate time, then, to consider what we’re up against. Most of those in favor of “choice” don’t have the courage to complete the sentence. The “choice” they support does not entail choosing between chocolate... [Read more...]

Culture War Ready to Explode

December 31, 2008

William Donohue December 2008 We have been in the throes of a culture war for the past half-century, but never has it been more imperative to buckle your seat belts until now. Quite frankly, the culture war is about to explode. The culture war pits traditionalists against modernists. To be more specific, it pits those who ascribe to the timeless values... [Read more...]

The Tragedy of Population Control

December 19, 2008

Susan A. Fani December 2008 Steven Mosher, Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, Transaction Publishers Matthew Connelly, Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Steven W. Mosher’s book explains the tragedy of the population control movement and the need to prevent... [Read more...]

Obama and Infanticide

December 19, 2008

2008 “When he was in the state senate, Barack Obama worked hard against a bill that would provide health care for a baby who survived an abortion…. This is called ‘selective infanticide’…. There’s been a media cover-up on this…” -Bill Donohue, “Fox and Friends,” May 15, 2008 The Catholic League has been... [Read more...]

Tribute to Pope Pius XII

November 22, 2008

Sister Margherita Marchione November 2008 The career of Eugenio Pacelli ended when people were awakened in Rome soon after dawn, Thursday the 9th of October 1958. Pius XII died at 3:51 a.m., in a plain white iron bed, overhung with a white canopy, in his room on the second floor of the Papal villa in Castelgandolfo, his summer residence. During the... [Read more...]

Remembering a Catholic Heroine

November 22, 2008

Dr. Richard C. Lukas November 2008 Most people had never heard of the tiny, blue-eyed lady until she passed away at ninety-eight years of age in Warsaw on May 12, 2008. Those who were aware of her inspiring story knew that she was a moral giant. Irena Sendler had been raised a Roman Catholic by a father who taught her to respond to the needs of the... [Read more...]

I’m Catholic, Staunchly Anti-Racist, and Support David Duke

November 22, 2008

William Donohue November 2008 I’M CATHOLIC, STAUNCHLY ANTI-RACIST, AND SUPPORT DAVID DUKE The following is Bill Donohue’s tongue-in-cheek reply to Nick Cafardi’s serious article, “I’m Catholic, Staunchly Anti-Abortion, and Support Obama.” Donohue’s article first appeared on and is reprinted here with permission.... [Read more...]

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