Why Catholics Put Up With Catholic Bashing

May 22, 1999

by Deal Hudson, Crisis Magazine Editor & Publisher (Catalyst 5/1999) In spite of the success of the Catholic League, two questions need to be answered: 1) Why is Catholic bashing is the only acceptable prejudice left in the United States? 2) Why do Catholics continue to put up with it? So I decided to put these question to some experts, all regular... [Read more...]

Catholicism and the Greatest Generation

March 22, 1999

by William A. Donohue (Catalyst 3/1999) In a new book, NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw argues that those Americans who came of age during the Depression and the Second World War constitute our “greatest generation.” Though I was not of that generation (I am one of those “baby boomers”), I would agree: there was something very special... [Read more...]

The Trinity Foundation Looks at Catholicism

December 22, 1998

by William A. Donohue (Catalyst 12/1998) We get so much anti-Catholic literature sent to us from Protestant, mostly Evangelical, sources that it’s enough to make me wonder whether the Reformation ever ended. Some of it is just plain stupid, but there is also some pretty sophisticated stuff being published. This is not the place for a rigorous analysis... [Read more...]

Anti-Catholic Bias in Children’s Literature

November 22, 1998

by Inez Fitzgerald Storck (Catalyst 11/1998) Good parents have always known that it is necessary to watch over their children’s reading. But Catholic parents today and even Catholic educators may not be aware of the extent of the negative elements in contemporary children’s literature. Many if not most books for preteens and teens attack Christian... [Read more...]

Atheism, Anti-Catholicism, and Paranoia

April 22, 1998

by William A. Donohue (Catalyst 4/1998) At the conclusion of John M. Swomley’s article in the January/February edition of The Humanist, the credits read that he is “emeritus professor of social ethics at St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri, and president of Americans for Religious Liberty.” It would be more accurate to... [Read more...]

Apologies in the Age of Spin Control

June 22, 1997

by Mary Ann Glendon (Catalyst 6/1997) The Catholic Church is preparing to celebrate the Jubilee year 2000 and I am proud to have input into this event. After recently attending a meeting in Rome of the Central Comittee that is handling the affair, I came away with certain anxieties about one aspect of the Jubilee preparation. They concern what one might... [Read more...]

Can There Be “Common Ground”?

November 22, 1996

by William A. Donohue (Catalyst 10/1996) In August, Cardinal Bernardin along with eight bishops and 17 other Catholic leaders met to discuss the possibility of reaching common ground between various factions within the Church. On August 12 the Chicago Sun-Times published an exchange between Call to Action president Linda Pleczynski and William Donohue,... [Read more...]

A Survey of Chick Publications

October 22, 1996

by William A. Donohue (Catalyst 10/1996) Perhaps the most invidious form of anti-Catholicism is that which emanates from elite circles. When men and women of power and influence engage in Catholic bashing, the effects can be devastating, which is why the Catholic League responds so quickly and decisively. But there is also a brand of anti-Catholicism... [Read more...]

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