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Catholic Left Has Lost Its Moorings

May 19, 2009

Bill Donohue May 2009 Throughout American history, there has been an uneasy relationship between those on the left side of the political spectrum who are religious,  and those who are secular. It has been obvious that the two groups share the same politics, but just as obvious has been their point of departure—the origin of their values is quite... [Read more...]

The Catholic League’s Response to Voice of the Faithful’s Criticism of Bishop Murphy

August 19, 2003

8/2003) VOTF CLAIMS: According to the [Massachusetts attorney general’s] Report, Bishop Murphy played a key role in the failure to protect the children. As a consequence, he has abdicated his moral authority. With regard to Bishop William Murphy, now of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, the report says: And, even with undeniable information available... [Read more...]

Frances Kissling Spins Canon Law

May 19, 2003

(Catalyst 5/2003) Catholics For a Free Choice (CFFC) recently released a new pamphlet, titled, “Catholics and Abortion: Notes on Canon Law.” Its aim is to counter “finger-pointing” and “misinformation.” No one who is familiar with Frances Kissling’s group should be surprised that the only techniques used in the pamphlet are just that—finger-pointing... [Read more...]

The Real Agenda of Catholics for a Free Choice

October 10, 2002

By William A. Donohue “I spent twenty years looking for a government that I could overthrow without being thrown in jail. I finally found one in the Catholic church.” That is how Frances Kissling, the president of Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), explained her mission to a reporter from the magazine, Mother Jones. As the record shows, her rhetoric... [Read more...]

NARAL, Anti-Catholicism & the Roots of the Pro-Abortion Campaign

June 19, 2001

By Robert P. Lockwood (6/2001) The public debate over abortion was critical in a resurgent anti-Catholicism in the mid-1960s. With the cooperation of media, abortion became an ongoing battle waged in a war of words based on anti-Catholicism. The issue was quickly defined as Catholicism and its role in public life, rather than abortion itself. Pro-life... [Read more...]