Justifying Infanticide

July 19, 2004

excerpts from court testimony on partial-birth abortion (Catalyst 7/2004) After President Bush signed a law banning partial-birth abortion last year, Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry sued to have the law overturned. This past spring, several doctors who have performed such abortions testified before judges in various parts of... [Read more...]

NARAL, Anti-Catholicism & the Roots of the Pro-Abortion Campaign

June 19, 2001

By Robert P. Lockwood (6/2001) The public debate over abortion was critical in a resurgent anti-Catholicism in the mid-1960s. With the cooperation of media, abortion became an ongoing battle waged in a war of words based on anti-Catholicism. The issue was quickly defined as Catholicism and its role in public life, rather than abortion itself. Pro-life... [Read more...]

Does “Pro-Choice” Also Mean “Anti-Catholic”?

January 19, 1999

by Kenneth D. Whitehead (Catalyst 1/1999) A well-known contemporary American playwright publicly claimed that Pope John Paul II “endorses murder” and accused him and other religious leaders of being “homicidal liars” after the brutal murder of an admitted gay man in Wyoming. Merely by continuing to champion the Catholic Church’s... [Read more...]

Twenty-five Years After Roe: Sliding Into Infanticide

January 19, 1998

by Rick Hinshaw (Catalyst 1/1998) It is now 25 years since the Supreme Court declared unborn children to be non-persons, opening the floodgates to a slaughter of innocent human life unprecedented in our nation’s history. Pro-life people were horrified by Roe vs. Wade. They foresaw the mass destruction of pre-born life which it would unleash;... [Read more...]

Catholic Women and Abortion

October 19, 1996

by William A. Donohue (Catalyst 10/1996) In a study by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, it was reported that Catholic women have an abortion rate 29 percent higher than Protestants. The study also concluded that about half of American women will have an abortion at some point in their lives. The gist of the findings is that a) the Catholic Church’s... [Read more...]

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