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b_290_0_2734_0___images_2014_News_SummitCover-800 CHINA LOVES OUR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS

December 2, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on China’s embrace of our Catholic schools: A delegation of top Chinese educators wanting to learn about the achievement of U.S. elementary and secondary schools decided not to visit a single public school district. Instead, they ventured yesterday to West Virginia to learn more about the stunning success of schools in the... [Read more...]

1243215607_AmericaisaChristiannation_answer_1_xlarge THE LAND OF DIVERSITY AND DISHONESTY

December 2, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on religious holidays in the public schools: We are not supposed to say that we are a Christian nation, but everyone knows we are. In 1892, the U.S. Supreme Court explicitly said we were. Atheist Sam Harris knows we are as well, which is why he titled his anti-Christian book, Letter to a Christian Nation. Indeed, 8 in 10 Americans... [Read more...]


December 1, 2014

Bill Donohue applauds city officials in Piedmont, Alabama: The theme of this year’s annual Christmas parade in Piedmont, Alabama is “Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas.” Kudos to Mayor Bill Baker and the seven members of the city council for their wisdom and fortitude. Of course, the anti-Christian crowd isn’t happy, as witnessed... [Read more...]


November 26, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on last night’s Christmas episode of “Tosh.0″ on Comedy Central: Host Daniel Tosh opened a segment, “Beef Baby Jesus,” by explaining that in a previous episode viewers were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #beefbaby. Tosh then showed a clip on how the “beef baby” was made using meat,... [Read more...]

635521039345848886-Terrence-Patrick-Bean-66-1- SICKO GAY LEADER GETS MEDIA PASS

November 25, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on a media cover-up of a gay leader’s behavior: He likes to hide his camera in the smoke-alarm over his bed, videoing kinky sex with his boyfriends. He is one of the biggest porn kings in American history, making a fortune off of “barebacking” videos—the kind of unprotected sex that led directly to AIDS. And... [Read more...]


November 25, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on today’s address by Pope Francis to the European Parliament: This was one of Pope Francis’ signature statements. He beckoned his audience to recover their religious moorings, focusing on the positive link between Christianity and Europe. This means an appreciation of what he called the “transcendent dignity”... [Read more...]

Planet-Fitness-Judgment-Free-Zone-Lunk-Alarm “JUDGMENT DAY” AT PLANET FITNESS

November 24, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on what happened last week at an Orange City, Florida Planet Fitness gym: A 70-year old man went to his Planet Fitness gym wearing a T-shirt that said, “Abortion Kills a Person.” Although he has worn the shirt many times before, this time he was told to leave. The next day he showed up wearing a shirt that read, “Pray... [Read more...]


November 24, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on the way priests are treated by some media outlets in Rhode Island: In December 2012, the Diocese of Providence learned of accusations against Father Barry Meehan; he was accused of sexually molesting adolescents. The police were immediately contacted. In January 2013, he was suspended and removed from ministry; the diocese is... [Read more...]

june-30-july-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-1201 DETROIT ARCHDIOCESE BANS DISSIDENT

November 21, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on the decision by Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron to ban dissident speaker Francis DeBernardo from speaking at an archdiocesan church tomorrow: The way some Catholic activists and media outlets are spinning this story is simply dishonest. They would have us believe that DeBernardo is not welcome to address parishioners because... [Read more...]


November 19, 2014

To read Bill Donohue’s latest Newsmax article, “Catholic Schools Under Fire From Secularists,” about how Catholic schools are being targeted by activists and the media, click here.  Read More →

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