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Catalyst November Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue It sometimes feels as though I am living in a parallel universe. Quite frankly, I cannot believe some of the things I am hearing and seeing these days. What follows is an account of what I recently experienced one morning. I wake up to the news every weekday around 5:30 a.m. Today I heard that in New York City they are going to launch... [Read more...]


Catalyst October Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue Few things are more annoying, if not downright disgusting, than witnessing selective outrage. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has instituted an array of edicts and laws banning smoking in restaurants, the workplace, parks and stadiums. He has banned trans fats, put limits on the sodium content in prepared meals, ordered... [Read more...]


Catalyst September Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue If there is one thing that Pope Francis and President Obama have in common, it is their professed interest in helping the poor. Both talk a great deal about this issue, and both occupy a very high status. Truth to tell, their commitment to the poor is hardly unique. While there are some who are indifferent, it’s hard to find anyone... [Read more...]


Catalyst July/August Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue July 1 marked my 20th anniversary as president and CEO of the Catholic League. The vice president, Bernadette Brady, started 18 years ago on the same day. Father Philip Eichner, the chairman of the board of directors, was chosen to lead the board the year before I was hired. While I may be the face of the Catholic League, we wouldn’t... [Read more...]


Catalyst June Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue The collectivization of guilt, and the individualization of merit, is a common media trick, especially when covering Catholics. For example, if there is a wayward cop, and he is Catholic, look for the reporter to cite his religious status. “Patrick McGillicudy, a former altar boy, was arraigned today on charges of police brutality.”... [Read more...]


Catalyst May Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue On virtually every college campus there is an office of diversity, or an office of diversity and inclusion. No candidate for an administrative post at any college can be expected to win the job unless he embraces diversity and inclusion. However, the diversity industry is not limited to higher education: diversity and inclusion managers,... [Read more...]


Catalyst April Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue The lead story in this edition of Catalyst covers the effusive praise heaped on Pope Francis, and the warm reception he received from leaders of other religions. But we would be remiss if we didn’t address the explosion of hatred that the papal transfer engendered. All of the following comments were made within the first 24 hours... [Read more...]


Catalyst March Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

William A. Donohue Jonathan V. Last is a senior writer at the Weekly Standard, the prominent conservative magazine that features Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes. He is also a gifted writer, a strong pro-life advocate, and a man not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom. His new book, What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic... [Read more...]


Catalyst January/February Issue 2013, From The President's Desk

From The President’s Desk William A. Donohue The most controversial social issues of our day, namely abortion and gay marriage, are overwhelmingly funded and researched by those who are advocates for these causes. Similarly, those who report on these subjects, as well as those who teach about them in the classroom, are also mostly partisans for... [Read more...]


Catalyst December Issue 2012, From The President's Desk

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK  William A. Donohue In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we need something to cheer about, especially as we approach the holiday season. I bring you good news, but first a word about some bad news. Never have I encountered more devastation to life and property from a storm than what Sandy wrought. Some made matters worse... [Read more...]

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