Will Wilder and Me: The Quest For Literacy

Catalyst April Issue 2016, Essay

Raymond Arroyo You could say that the Will Wilder series, my first foray into fiction, started as a “soap opera.” When they were younger, my children, during bath time would demand original stories for entertainment. To get them to advance to the next step in the bathing process, I would indulge the kids desire for new stories night after... [Read more...]

Modern Catholicism, the Antithesis of Fundamentalism

Catalyst March Issue 2016, Essay

Robert Royal Anti-Catholicism in America stems from many sources. Historically, of course, this predominantly Protestant nation had a built-in prejudice against Catholics, on theological grounds. But there were many other factors as well. Our mostly British early Americans also resented it when large waves of immigrants—Irish, German, Polish, Italian,... [Read more...]


Catalyst December Issue 2015, Essay

The following report written by Bill Donohue was published on the Catholic League’s website on November 2. It was sent to those in the media and entertainment industries as well as Catholic dioceses throughout the nation. The movie “Spotlight” is bound to spark more conversation about the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.... [Read more...]


Catalyst November Issue 2015, Essay

In November 2014, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sponsored an international colloquium on the complementarity of man and woman in marriage; it was co-hosted by several Pontifical Councils. Pope Francis opened the event with a stirring address, and he was followed by approximately 400 scholars and religious leaders from around the world. Plough... [Read more...]


Catalyst July/August Issue 2015, Essay

Bill Donohue This article is adapted from Bill Donohue’s longer piece, “The Noble Legacy of Father Serra.” To read the full text, click here. Who Was Father Serra? Junípero Serra was born on the Island of Majorca, off the coast of Spain in 1713, and died in Monterey, California in 1784. Partly of Jewish ancestry, this young and sickly... [Read more...]

The Secularist Assault On America’s Moral Consensus

Catalyst May Issue 2015, Essay

Rick Hinshaw From the earliest days of their agitation to legalize abortion, America’s modern-day secularists made inevitable the aggressive war on religious freedom they are engaged in today. From the start, the secularists deployed the weapon of anti-religious – primarily anti-Catholic – bigotry in advancing the pro-abortion agenda, portraying... [Read more...]

The Catholic Advantage

Catalyst March Issue 2015, Essay

Bill Donohue We all want to be healthy, happy, and make it to heaven; even atheists who do not believe in heaven would prefer they enter the pearly gates if   given only two choices. Who are the most likely, and the least likely, to achieve the Three H’s of health, happiness, and heaven is the subject of my new book. The real challenge, I found,... [Read more...]


Catalyst November Issue 2014, Essay

Bill Donohue Alliances are formed on the basis of mutual interests and needs, and the religious conservative alliance is no exception. There were forces external to each religious community, as well as forces within each community, that made the alliance possible. While today Catholic traditionalists, evangelical Protestants, Orthodox Jews, and others... [Read more...]


Catalyst July/August Issue 2014, Essay

To read Donohue’s full account of this story, see the “Special Reports” section on the Catholic League’s website. [Click Here] One of the key players in the “mass grave” story about the Tuam home is Catherine Corless, a local historian. Her research “suggested 796 babies were buried in a tank outside the former... [Read more...]


Catalyst June Issue 2014, Essay

Ronald J. Rychlak On March 22, 2014, Pope Francis received a group of Italian broadcasters at the Vatican. In an unscripted address, he defined the virtues, mission, and sins of the communication media. While encouraging the broadcasters to carry out their work along the paths of truth, goodness, and beauty, he also warned them about three sins embodied... [Read more...]

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