2007 Report on Anti-Catholicism

Executive Summary

We’ve had big years before, but never have we had more blockbuster victories than in 2007. And never before were we engaged in so many different types of controversies; the range of issues was truly impressive. We usually don’t get involved in issues that don’t have an anti-Catholic element to them, leaving it to other activist groups to take... [Read more...]

Activist Organizations

January 5 Michigan – Michigan Atheists director Arlene Marie admitted that a letter sent by the group to the Howell School District, which stated that the curriculum of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools had been found unconstitutional in four states, was incorrect. Michigan Atheists, an affiliate of American Atheists, acknowledged... [Read more...]

The Arts

January 17-21 Cincinnati, OH – The Annie Hendy play “The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Losing Your Virginity” was performed at the Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park. The play is about a 24-year-old Catholic woman who is determined to lose her virginity by her 25th birthday after she finds out her priest is having better sex than she is. January... [Read more...]


January Los Angeles, CA – Jaguar Distribution, a company that edits movie content for airlines’ onboard entertainment, edited the word “God” out of the film “The Queen.” After a public outcry, unedited versions of the film were sent out to airlines to replace the edited version. January Seattle, WA – Accoutrements,... [Read more...]


January Fayetteville, AR – A photo of an outhouse that looked somewhat like a church, with the caption “Jesus Saves!  And this is where He does it,” appeared on a University of Arkansas Press brochure enclosure. The enclosure featured history textbooks, thus making the photo and caption uncalled-for and inappropriate. February 21 Cleveland,... [Read more...]


January 9 Lincoln, NE – State Senator Lowen Kruse introduced a bill that sought to curb underage drinking. In addition to banning minors from consuming alcohol in their own homes, the proposed legislation extended to places of worship during religious rites. In response to protests from religious leaders of various faiths, Kruse claimed that it was... [Read more...]


  Books February Broadway Books released Karl Shaw’s 5 People Who Died During Sex And 100 Other Terribly Tasteless Lists, which contained numerous dubious statements about various Catholic popes. Among the claims: John XXIII was a “former pirate who obtained the papacy through force of arms” in 1410 (he actually reigned from 1958... [Read more...]

The Christmas Wars

Activist Organizations   November 28 The Anti-Defamation League advised government officials on the placement of religious symbols on public grounds. One of the matters explained by ADL was “Choosing appropriate holiday symbols to decorate school grounds—among them Christmas trees, menorahs, reindeers, and snowmen.” Christian displays did... [Read more...]


January 7 New York, NY – Two 20-year-olds and an 18-year-old were arrested for allegedly stealing statues of the Baby Jesus from nativity scenes over a two-year period. Police said they would not charge them with hate crimes; the three were each charged with 14 counts of petty larceny. Around the same time, a 20-year-old was charged with a hate crime... [Read more...]


This cartoon questions whether presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith would hinder his campaign. The Blessed Mother and God the Father are satirized, but the depiction of Jesus, relaxing on the sofa in a crown of thorns and bearing the stigmata, is the most vile. (New York Post, December 7) This cartoon gives a sick twist to the Catholic... [Read more...]

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