2004 Report on Anti-Catholicism

Executive Summary

The year began with the release of three major statements by the Catholic League: a) a report on the Long Island dailyNewsday, b) a comparative study of sexual abuse among professionals, and c) an open letter to the Jewish community. In last year’s annual report, I wrote that “Newsdayis by far the most anti-Catholic” newspaper in the... [Read more...]

Activist Organizations

January 8 Des Moines, IA—The local ACLU complained that only one version of the Ten Commandments (the King James version) was posted in the Iowa Statehouse. What made the ACLU’s complaint so bogus was the fact that this was a privately-funded display commemorating the moral and legal underpinnings of the U.S. January 23 New York, NY—ADL head... [Read more...]

The Arts

January 24 Los Angeles, CA— “A Comfortable Truth: The Story of a Boy and His Priest” opened in the West Hollywood Lee Strasberg Creative Center. The play’s website said the work addresses “the controversial subject of juvenile molestation in the Church.” It was written and directed by Mark Kemble, and produced by David... [Read more...]

Business / Workplace

January Clayboys, a Canadian business that specializes in homosexual greeting cards, produced one called, “Yoga. Anywhere. Anytime.” The accompanying picture is of Jesus on the Cross with his feet in a yoga position; another card showed a man dressed as the Blessed Mother with the caption, “Our Lady of the Cross dressers”; and... [Read more...]


This cartoon by Owen Dunne (syndicated, 12-6-04) portrays the priest as having a sexually deviant motive for asking a young male basketball player to take off his shirt during the game. The implication is that priests are pedophiles. This cartoon by David Horsey (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4-27-04) unfairly suggests that the same Catholic Church that... [Read more...]


January 28 Dupo, IL—The Dupo School Board voted to reinstate Dupo High School student James Lord, who was suspended from the school’s closed circuit broadcast television for signing off his December 17, 2003 broadcast by saying, “Have a safe and happy holiday and God Bless.” February 5 Kirtland, OH—Dr. James Tuttle, professor... [Read more...]


February 18 New York, NY—U.S. District Court Judge Charles Sifton ruled against the plaintiffs in the discrimination suit challenging the New York City Department of Education’s policy regarding “Holiday Displays.” The policy allowed the Jewish menorah and Islamic star and crescent while banning the Christian symbol, the nativity... [Read more...]


Books | Internet | Magazines | Movies | Music | Newspapers |Radio & Television BOOKS March 30 Glorious Appearing by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins was published. It is the twelfth and final installment of the “Left Behind” series of evangelical Christian thrillers begun in 1995. The United States Bishops’ Department... [Read more...]


January 4 New York, NY—Red paint was smeared on two stone pillars near the sanctuary in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. January 4 Canton, MA—A statue of the Infant Jesus was stolen from a nativity scene outside of St. John the Evangelist Church. January 9 Burlington, CO—St. Catherine of Siena Church was set afire by arson, Stations of the Cross... [Read more...]

“The Passion of the Christ”

The following is a list of some of the more incendiary remarks made about the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” We do not maintain that it is anti-Catholic to criticize a film, even before it has been released, but we do contend that the hostility to Gibson and to his work is unseemly. The campaign against him has been ruthless,... [Read more...]