Executive Summary

December 31, 2002

Reactions to the sexual abuse scandal in 2002 ranged from legitimate criticism to wildly unfair generalizations; we have no interest in addressing the former. Most Catholics were understandably angry, hurt and dismayed by the news, which provoked some activists to speak and act irresponsibly. Regarding the media, newspaper and television reporting on... [Read more...]

Activist Organizations

December 31, 2002

February 5 Chicago, IL – Americans United for the Separation of Church and State executive director Barry Lynn objected to the slogan on the side of the new “Patriot USA” coach launched by the suburban Chicago bus transit system called PACE. The full sized, red, white and blue bus was wrapped in a decal that featured the slogan “God... [Read more...]

The Arts

December 31, 2002

January Napa, CA – The exhibition “Active Ingredients” was held at Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts. One part of the exhibition shows the work of Antonio Miralda, a Catalonian artist. In a display that features figurines of famous people, Miralda chose to depict the pope and nuns defecating. January 10 New... [Read more...]

Business / Workplace

December 31, 2002

Hoboken, NJ – The greeting card company Noble Works publishes a series of cards under the title “Extra.” Some include a choir boy saying, “See Father; I’ve been practicing like you said I should, and I can get my mouth open really wide.” The punch line is, “Ready for your surprise?” Another is a picture... [Read more...]


December 31, 2002

January Byron, CA – The Byron Union School District instituted a three-week intensive course on Islam, which drew criticism from many parts of the country. According to one report, students had to “learn the tenets of Islam…wear a robe, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own jihad.” They also had to “memorize many verses... [Read more...]


December 31, 2002

January 9 Omaha, NE – On the opening day of the Nebraska legislative session, state senator Ernie Chambers distributed a packet of unusual Rosary beads to his colleagues. All of them had the crucifix chopped off. Chambers justified his decision to disfigure the Catholic devotional object by arguing that people of many religious beliefs find peace... [Read more...]


December 31, 2002

Movies | Newspapers | Periodicals | Radio | Television |Internet | Books MOVIES February Miramax, the movie production house owned by Disney, scheduled the film “40 Days and 40 Nights” for release. Actor Josh Hartnett plays a Catholic who pledges to give up sex for Lent but has his will tested by his ex-girlfriend. Because the... [Read more...]


December 31, 2002

January 5 New York, NY – The Catholic League received hate mail from a person identifying himself as a member of the “Sons of the American Revolution.” The card read, “OF COURSE—that wonderful Frances Kissling is 100% right and YOU are a barking dog. It is your medieval ‘catholic church’ [sic] which is the anti-Christ…denounced... [Read more...]


December 31, 2002

 This cartoon by Don Wright of the Palm Beach Post (1/16/02) ran in numerous newspapers including the New York Times. It viciously and untruthfully depicts Catholic moral teachings as enslaving women—a typical charge—except now it unfairly uses the sexual abuse scandal as a club. This was common in 2002. The above cartoon by Mike Peters of the... [Read more...]


December 30, 2002

The Roman Catholic Bishops of New York State filed a lawsuit today against New York State for mandating religious institutions to provide prescription contraceptives for their employees. Catholic League president William Donohue strongly supports the lawsuit and explains why: “New York State legislators are to blame for this lawsuit.  Had they acceded... [Read more...]

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