What’s the real agenda?

Russell Shaw, Washington-based director of public information for the Knights of Columbus and recently elected member of the Catholic League’s national board, wrote a rather insightful piece for Our Sunday Visitor recently delving into the underlying agenda of the current “gay rights” movement.

Americans are being asked to say that it’s “O.K. to be gay,” Shaw says, and he asks his readers to consider the real meaning of that statement.

If it means that homosexuals should be treated fairly by the law and public institutions and that they shouldn’t be harassed or persecuted, then Shaw feels that most Americans would probably answer “yes” and justifiably so. But if “O.K. to be gay” means that “homsexuality should be viewed and presented – even to children – as an acceptable ‘alternative lifestyle,'” then, Shaw says, most Americans would disagree.

He goes on to offer clear evidence that this is indeed the agenda of the current “gay rights” movement and that legislators, educators and parents should recognize this distinction.

Shaw cites the New York confrontation between chancellor Joseph A. Fernandez and the Queens school board which opposed implementation ofthe “Children of the Rainbow” curriculum, an exercise in “multi-cultural education” which defines family as “two or more people who share responsibility, care and love” and which specifically includes lesbian and gay parents . [See this month’s feature article by Dr. Irene lmpellizzeri which deals with this issue.]

Shaw discusses an article by E.L. Pattullo, retired director of Harvard’s Center for Behavioral Sciences which appeared in the December issue of Commentary. Pattullo says that “sexual orientation” is by and large a matter of choice and that presenting young and impressionable children who do not as yet have a clearcut sense o f sexual identity with material that says “society is indifferent to your sexual orientation” is something that we should guard against.

Shaw quotes one particularly important paragraph from Pattullo’s article:

“We must be sophisticated enough to change the attitudes and actions that are prompted only by irrational prejudice, while retaining distinctions that may be necessary to ensure that all children clearly understand the desireability of growing up to be heterosexual adults.”

Public response to the Clinton administration’s efforts to lift the ban on Gays in the military is a clear signal that the public is beginning to resist the agenda being forced on them.

In New York City the message seems to have gotten through to school chancellor Fernandez. There’s a hint of compromise in the air and he’s suddenly using a new expression – “same sex couples.”

Most Americans really don ‘t want first-graders reading Heather Has Two Mommies or Daddy’s Roommate .

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