League fights on in Boston parade case

League files amicus brief Justice Herbert P. Wilkins of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court let stand a lower court decision directing the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, sponsors of Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, to allow a homosexual group to march in the parade this year. The Catholic League filed a brief in support... [Read more...]

“To honor the patron saint of Ireland…”

Excerpts from Judge Kevin Duffy’s opinion with an introduction by Special counsel Nancy Gannon On February 26, 1993, U.S. District Judge Kevin Thomas Duffy released a memorandum opinion and order in New York County Board of Ancient Order of Hibernians v. David Dinkins, et al. Judge Duffy ruled the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) was entitled... [Read more...]

Casey testifies against FOCA

As debate on the Freedom of Choice Act heats up, Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey, testified eloquently at a hearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights in opposition to this legislation. Casey began his remarks by stating that Pennsylvania places” a supreme value upon protecting human life.” If... [Read more...]

Ambiguity, Hallmark of Our Times

For the discriminating reader… The following comments are taken from a letter to the editor ofthe Philadelphia Daily News penned by Art Delaney, a member of the board of our Philadelphia – South Jersey Chapter. Art was responding to a letter by a Mr. Paul Hanson which equated racism with opposition to the “gay” agenda: With... [Read more...]

Plain wrapper

A portait of Jesus hanging in a Michigan public high school hallway is wrapped in plain brown paper by court order while a Christian legal group appeals an order to remove it. District Court Judge Benjamin F. Gibson ruled in Grand Rapids on February 3 that the portrait must be removed, but he has now amended that ruling while the case is being appealed.... [Read more...]

And you thought we had problems

A Pakistani Catholic has been sentenced to death for insulting Mohammed, founder of Islam. According to Catholic News Service, Gul Masih is said to have made illegal remarks about Mohammed’s marital status. Masih is the first person to be sentenced to death since the law was amended in 1986 to stipulate the death penalty or life imprisonment for... [Read more...]

Connecticut looking at vouchers

While Governor Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. wrestled with ways to implement desegregation of Connecticut’s schools and reduce the budget (including elimination of a school bus subsidy for private schools), a curious thing happened. Republican Rep. Timothy Bath and Democratic Rep. James Amman sponsored a bill to create vouchers worth up to $4,800 per... [Read more...]

Florida bill earns praise

Parents, not churches … Florida House Bill 1021, an act to create Parental Choice in Education, has won high marks from officials at Marquette University’s Blum Center for Parental Freedom in Education for the wording of a crucial portion of the bill which dismisses the old “church-state hobgoblin.” Section 8 of HB 1021 reads... [Read more...]

Media darling loses re-appointment bid

The media’s perception of the “martyrdom” of poor Joe Fernandez is clearly evident in this bit of nastiness from the New York Daily News. One News story was head- lined: ‘With O’C lobbying, Joe didn’t have a prayer.” “O’C,” of course, is New York’s Cardinal O’Connor. New York... [Read more...]


Minnesota Chapter The chapter’s Spring Brunch is scheduled for Sunday, April 25 at the Town and Country Club in St. Paul. The event will begin with a Liturgy. The Minnesota Catholic of the Year Award and the Outstanding Service Award will be presented after the meal. The Brunch speaker is Robert White, M.D., who will discuss modern ethical challenges... [Read more...]

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