Noisy minority

A recent survey of American men conducted by Planned Parenthood’s Alan Guttmacher Institute would seem to indicate that about 2% have had homosexual experiences and 1% consider themselves to be homosexual. These numbers are a far cry from the 10% figure that homosexual activists have used for years in demanding “gay rights” laws. As... [Read more...]

Summary judgement asked in printer case

Superior court in Vermont was the setting on March 16, 1993, for oral arguments on a motion for summary judgment filed by the defendants in Paquette v. Regal Art Press. The written briefs supporting the motion, which argue that the “undisputed facts” require the judge to throw out the case against Chuck and Susan Baker, were filed on June... [Read more...]

Justice White steps down

Clinton & Court, Round 1 Justice Byron R. White announced on March 20 that he would retire this summer after completing his 31st term on the Supreme Court. Appointed by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, Justice White is the last remaining justice on the Court appointed by a Democratic president. Justice White’s decision to step down opens... [Read more...]


Massachusetts Chapter The chapter honored former Governor Edward J. King at its Annual Awards Banquet on April15. Held at the Sheraton Tara in Framingham. The event drew an impressive turn-out including two previous recipients of the chapter’s prestigious John W. McCormack Public Service Award: Cardinal Bernard Law and State Senate President William... [Read more...]

Cartoon by Benson of the Arizona Republic

The tragic murder of a Florida abortionist by a deranged pro-life camp follower generated an enormous amount of “pro-choice” propaganda and calls for some very inappropriate – and probably unconstitutional – laws for banning pro-life, anti-abortion demonstrations at clinics and near abortionists’ homes. While most political... [Read more...]

Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn tapped for Vatican Ambassadorship

The Clinton administration has appointed Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn, 53, ambassador to the Vatican. The move seemed to indicate that President Clinton was ignoring the call of some Protestant and anti-church groups – including Clinton’s own Southern Baptist convention – to end the diplomatic ties which began under Franklin Roosevelt... [Read more...]

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