Choosing Chelsea’s school…

After a campaign in which the fact that Chelsea Clinton attended public school was repeated ad nauseam in order to gloss over the fact that the Democratic education plank had been purchased at great price by the National Education Association, there were some very awkward moments when the White House announced that she would be attending Washington’s private Sidwell Friends School where the tuition is a respectable $10,500.

The public school lobby scrambled to justify the obvious snub of Washington’s troubled public school system, arguably the nation’s worst.

The liberal media seemed genuinely miffed by it all despite having hinted at the possibility in preceding weeks. The New York Times gave the story front-page play and Newsweek devoted an entire page to the story.

School choice advocates were quick to point out that public schools would do a much better job of educating American youngsters if they were under the pressure of healthy competition with private and parochial schools. While such choice options are expected to fall on deaf ears at the federal level during the Clinton administration, state and local initiatives across the country seemed poised to move forward.

Dr. Quentin Quade, Director of Marquette University’s Blum Center, is scheduled to address the National Catholic Education Association in April. His topic: School choice, of course. He will deal with specific strategies for moving the choice agenda forward.

A tip of the hat to Fr. David Halaiko for sending along this gem from the Akron Beacon Journal.

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