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(Oklahoma City, OK)

Oklahoma City stance on ‘Black Mass’ upsets Catholic archbishop

Archbishop Paul Coakley says Oklahoma City should have the “courage” to prohibit a Civic Center production mocking Catholic beliefs, a course of action City Manager Jim Couch expects would result in a lawsuit the city probably would lose, at significant cost to taxpayers.

“I think something as outrageous as this requires a measure of moral courage on the part of the city of Oklahoma City,” Coakley wrote on July 8. “I am disappointed the city would be unwilling to risk the expense of a lawsuit to prevent such an offensive outrage to so many of its citizens.”

Coakley first forwarded on July 3 a news release issued by Bill Donohue of The Catholic League in New York. Donohue warned, “Oklahoma City had better think twice about this.” Donohue also condemned last December’s production at the Civic Center of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” a play with homosexual characters that satirizes biblical stories.


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