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Bill Donohue: Catholics Free to Disagree With Church on Immigration

A difference of opinion with the Catholic hierarchy on how to deal with illegal immigration does not put a believer in conflict with the Church, Catholic League president Bill Donohue told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner on Newsmax TV Tuesday.

“A Catholic can be a Catholic in good standing, go to church and do communion every single Sunday, and still disagree with the bishops on this,” said Donohue, an outspoken New Yorker known for his fierce defense of Catholicism and the Church.

“There’s basically a hierarchy of values in the Catholic Church,” said Donohue. “For example, abortion is called intrinsically evil: You cannot be a faithful Catholic and say that you’re pro-abortion. When you get to the question of immigration, it’s like helping the poor: The Catholic Church wants to reach out to the migrant and they also want to help out the poor, but it doesn’t have a specific way of doing it.”

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