In a major address to the National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council, Baltimore Archbishop William H. Keeler, current president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, asked the Jewish community to rethink its outspoken opposition to public aid for students in private and parochial schools.

In his address, Archbishop Keeler, one-time head of the NCCB’ s committee on Catholic-Jewish relations, emphasized the many advances in relations between Jews and Catholics in the past twenty-five years.

Keeler said that he found such opposition “very puzzling.” He made it clear that he was referring to forms of aid which would pass constitutional tests. He underscored his comments by noting pointedly that graduates of Catholic high schools “are much less disposed to have prejudicial attitudes towards other groups…than the graduates of other schools.”

Archbishop Keeler said that such a reconsideration of position might include “an acknowledgement of the primacy of parental responsibility for their children’s education and the affirmation of pluralism as opposed to a government monopoly in education.”

Story based on Catholic News Service article by Jerry Filteau.

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