Massachusetts Chapter Executive C.J. Doyle has issued a strong statement criticizing the report of Governor William Weld’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, urging the governor to reject the Commission’s proposals.

The commission was created by Governor Weld to overcome legislative opposition to pro-homosexual curricula in public schools. If enacted, its recommendations would result in a homosexual content to virtually every course taught in public schools. The commission chairman, David LaFontaine, is a homosexual militant who reportedly was among a group of activists who attempted to disrupt a June 1990 Catholic League press conference criticizing the Mapplethorpe photo exhibit.

The commission’s publicly stated goal was the abolition of prejudice and discrimination against gay and lesbian youth. The commission’ s recommendations were made to the Department of Education, the Executive Office of Education, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the schools and families of gay and lesbian youth.

Calling the Commission’s report “crude propaganda for the homosexual lifestyle,” Doyle pointed out that “if the Commission’s recommendations are enacted, taxpayers, in violation of their religious freedom rights, will be coerced into subsidizing a government assault on their moral and religious beliefs.” “This is not government neutrality toward religion,” said Doyle, “but outright government hostility to religious values.” “It will ultimately result in both discrimination against Catholics and limitations upon free speech in public schools.”

The League’s comments were carried in the Brockton Enterprize and statewide by the Associated Press.

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