As debate on the Freedom of Choice Act heats up, Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey, testified eloquently at a hearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights in opposition to this legislation.

Casey began his remarks by stating that Pennsylvania places” a supreme value upon protecting human life.” If the Freedom of Choice Act is passed, Casey said, it would nullify provisions of the Abortion Control Act passed by the Pennsylvania legislature in 1989 and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Casey made it clear that the Freedom of Choice Act allows abortion on demand, with no limitations. The governor explained that while the Act contains some language purporting to limit abortions after viability, in reality, a woman could get an abortion even in the ninth month of pregnancy for “health reasons” which under the terms of this Act translates into any reason.

Passage of this legislation, Casey noted, “would place Congress outside the mainstream of American public opinion and on the extreme fringe of the most important value issue of our time.”

Casey pointed out that passage of FOCA would “fan the flames of controversy and further divide our nation” by removing the issue from the political process and the will of the people, where it rightly belongs.

He noted that the twenty-six million abortions since Roe v. Wade – 4400 each day – had done nothing to protect women from poverty; it has eliminated neither child abuse nor the exploitation of women.

Casey challenged Americans to seek new solutions to these problems. He called upon Americans to “give renewed emphasis, in both public policy and private relationships, to the absoloute necessity for people to assume responsibility and accountability for the consequences of their conduct.”

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