The appointment of former Boston Mayor Raymond L. Flynn as Ambassador to the Vatican is being vocally opposed by feminists and population-control advocates who find him a bit too pro-life for their liking. The New York Times reported that Frances Kissling, president of so-called “Catholics for Free Choice” was supportive of the effort and that Flynn was not returning calls from reporters.

The flap can be expected to cause further consternation in a White House that appears to be gridlocked by efforts to be politically correct. A mid-May Wall Street Journal editorial called on Clinton to “form a government,” noting that hundreds of key policy and ambassadorial positions remain empty as White House officials attempt to identify candidates who satisfy their “ethnicity, gender and geography standards.”

The pro-abortion crowd, driven to a feeding frenzy thanks to the new blood being spilled by the administration’s open season on the unborn, see Flynn as fair game. Ironically, Flynn’s appointment was seen as an opportunity for Clinton and the Democrats to get past the embarrassment caused by their refusal to grant time to Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey at last year’s national convention.

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