Parents, not churches

Florida House Bill 1021, an act to create Parental Choice in Education, has won high marks from officials at Marquette University’s Blum Center for Parental Freedom in Education for the wording of a crucial portion of the bill which dismisses the old “church-state hobgoblin.”

Section 8 of HB 1021 reads as follows:

Certificates are grants-of-aid to children through their parents, not to the schools in which the children are enrolled. The selection by parents of a school shall not constitute a decision or act ofthe state or any of its subdivisions. Payment to a religious or parochial school for educational services under this act shall not constitute aid to any church, sect, religious denomination, or sectarian institution.

Dr. Quentin L. Quade, director of the Blum Center noted that “this fine, plain assertion states the plain reality of things: certificates or vouchers assigned by parents have nothing to do with the state establishing or interfering with a church.”

The Virgil C. Blum, S.J. Center for Parental Freedom in Education at Marquette University is named after the Catholic League’s founder. The University library is also the repository for Fr. Blum’s extensive writings and correspondence.

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