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Factors that Led to Bishop Finn’s Resignation

Two weeks ago, Bishop Robert Finn, the embattled bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph in Missouri, had his resignation accepted by appropriate authorities in the Vatican. Canon law accepts “graves reasons” other than things like age, infimity and so on as sufficient reason for the Church to accept a bishop’s resignation because of incapacity to continue as shepherd of a particular diocesan flock.

Finn admitted mishandling of the case. Admissions of mistakes were not sufficient for some people who wanted a scalp. Catholic League president Bill Donohue recently reiterated the role of the SNAP (Survivors Network of People Abused by Priests) organization is this attempt to punish the highest reaches of church hierarchy that they could. How sad that this “conviction” seems to have factored into the Vatican’s decision to accept his resignation.

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Written by Bill