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Archie Comic Depicting Title Character Victim of Political Murder Draws Controversy

Archie Comics Publications, Inc. has garnered controversy over its latest edition of the Archie comic series, wherein the title character is killed by politically driven violence.

Released Wednesday, the latest “Life With Archie” comic concludes with Archie Andrews being killed while protecting a gay politician who was trying to advance a gun control measure.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told CP that the Archie comic was a “disturbing sign of the times” showing that “many elites are obsessed with the politicization of our society and the eroticization of our culture.”

“In this regard, the latest Archie comic stands as Exhibit A. Archie has been loved by readers for decades, extending back some 70 years,” said Donohue.

“One of the great things about comics, and this certainly includes Archie, is that they allow readers to escape politics and simply enjoy a light moment. That Archie has been corrupted in the end is a sad chapter in our culture.”


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