So what are we to make of all this? Surely there are a lot more Catholics than gays in New York, so where does Mayor Dinkins get off offending all those Catholic voters in an election year?

William Buckley, Jr. got right to the heart o f the matter in a recent column. He noted that the Catholic vote in New York City was more than 35% of the total vote and that “To antagonize a bloc that large would have been politically suicidal in years gone by. But the mayor’s calculations have got to be that the political strength of the gay lobby is stronger than that of the Catholic lobby.”

Buckley goes on despairingly, “Where is the Catholic lobby? Is there anything you can’t do to the Catholics these days? They would appear to be an all-but-inert body of people who don’t care that much about discrimination against their schools, don’t care that much about abortion, will tolerate massive humiliations from Hollywood, a steady diet of sex and violence on television.”

“Mr. Dinkins,” Buckley concludes, “appears to have discovered that the pope has no clothes, let alone any military divisions, the absence of which was first remarked by Josef Stalin.”

Catholic League founder Father Virgil C. Blum, S.J. offended a great many people when he called his fellow Catholics “political eunuchs.” He later softened that somewhat to “political pygmies,” but his point was perhaps well made. Massachusetts Senate President Bill Bulger raised the same issue just last year in a speech before our Massachusetts chapter, when he asked pointedly, “How long will we suffer in silence?”

Too long, it would seem.

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