The Law Student Division of the American Bar Association has proposed that law school chapters be denied funding and participation if they exclude persons on the basis of creed or sexual orientation.

This latest bout of ABA dabbling in “political correctness” comes hard on the heels of the parent organization’s embrace of the pro-abortion agenda.

The Christian Legal Society is letting the the ABA’s Law Student Division know in no uncertain terms that the proposed policy would be an infringement on the right of free association and that the recommendation should be immediately rescinded. The Christian Legal Society will be contacting its student chapters across the country to see if the policy is being implemented.

If approved, the policy would effectively remove university recognition and funding from voluntary religious organizations on law school campuses. The move was seen as a thinly disquised attempt to get around the eleven year old Widmar v. Vincent decision in which the Supreme Court upheld the free speech right of university students to meet in Christian groups on the same basis as other student groups. As a result of that decision, public law schools were legally required to give equal treatment to religious groups such as the Christian Legal Society’s campus chapters.

A.U.l. Encouraging defections

On another front, Americans United for Life has joined the growing list of groups urging outright resignation or non-renewal of membership in the ABA.

To-date more than 3,000 attorneys are known to have withdrawn from membership and the number is expected to swell as memberships come up for renewal.

The Catholic League was among the organizations which called on the Justice Department to end the time-honored practice of consulting with the ABA on appointments to the Federal judiciary. An organization which had publicly endorsed abortion could hardly be regarded as a neutral consultant on the qualifications of prospective judges.

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