Pius XII, John XXIII, and the Newly-Opened Archives

March 31, 2007

Ronald J. Rychlak Catalyst, March 2007 Eugenio Pacelli became Pope Pius XII in 1939, after having spent nine years as Cardinal Secretary of State. Prior to that, he had been the Vatican’s representative in Germany. During his lifetime, Pius XII’s opposition to Hitler was well known. Nazis condemned him, Jews thanked him, and rescuers... [Read more...]

Connecticut Pols Cross Church-State Lines

March 30, 2007

Today, Bill Donohue sent the letter below to members of the Connecticut General Assembly: Dear Connecticut Legislator: I have no doubt that all of you share my contempt for state officials who ask patently illegitimate questions of expert witnesses who testify before them. Unfortunately, two members of the state legislature, Representative Michael Lawlor... [Read more...]


March 30, 2007

Responding to news that the naked chocolate Jesus that was to be displayed at the Roger Smith Hotel during Holy Week has been cancelled, is Catholic League president Bill Donohue: “While we are delighted with the outcome, we are not pleased with the comments of the gallery’s creative director, Matt Semler.  For him to say that our objection to... [Read more...]


March 29, 2007

The Catholic League has learned that artist Cosimo Cavallaro has invited the public to show up at midnight on April 1 to take a bite of his 6-foot tall chocolate sculpture of a crucified Jesus with his genitals exposed; it is scheduled to be shown during Holy Week, from April 1 to April 7. Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows: “The... [Read more...]


March 29, 2007

From April 1 to April 7, the Roger Smith Lab Gallery at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City will display a 6-foot tall anatomically correct sculpture of Jesus in milk chocolate; the figure is depicted as crucified.  Artist Cosimo Cavallaro titles his work “My Sweet Lord.”  A picture is available on the Internet.  (Click here.) Catholic League... [Read more...]

Secularists See Silence as Sneaky

March 28, 2007

In a March 27 column, the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn had this to say about the Illinois Senate passing a bill that makes it mandatory for public schools to begin each day with a moment of silence: “The proposal is rotten—sneaky, unnecessary and intrusive.”  Read More →


March 28, 2007

On March 27, an anonymous female journalism student at Ohio State University wrote a column in The Lantern, a student newspaper on the campus, titled “Going Down with the Catholics.” She mentions that one of her friends, Megan, is a Catholic who hasn’t had vaginal sex with her boyfriend John. But “he won’t break up with Megan because he said... [Read more...]


March 27, 2007

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded today to remarks made by “Lost Tomb of Jesus” filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici in the March 26 edition of TelevisionWeek: Jacobovici: “The fact that nobody has been able to punch a hole in our reporting is a testament to how well we’ve done our homework. Even if it’s only a 50-50 chance [of being... [Read more...]


March 27, 2007

On Ash Wednesday, February 21, a Catholic female student at White County High School in Cleveland, Georgia had her ashes wiped off her forehead by a substitute teacher in her Honors Trigonometry class. When the girl’s classmates protested, the teacher laced into the girl making patently untrue and derisive statements about Catholicism. On March 5,... [Read more...]


March 26, 2007

CBS Outdoor, a division of the CBS Corporation, recently posted anti-Catholic billboards paid for by the Eternal Gospel Church, a breakaway sect of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, along Interstate 65 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The town is located on the Indiana-Kentucky border across the river from Louisville. Our response caught them off-guard and... [Read more...]

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