Pius XII and the Jews: The War Years As Reported by the New York Times

March 31, 2000

By Msgr. Stephen DiGiovanni, H.E.D.http://www.catholicleague.org/pius/piusnyt/bio.htm Copyright © 1997-2011 by Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. *Material from this website may be reprinted and disseminated with accompanying attribution.    Read More →

A Response to: The Vatican and the Holocaust, A Preliminary Report by the International Catholic-Jewish Commission

March 30, 2000

By Ronald Rychlak, Ph.D. (Our Sunday Visitor, 2000) In October 2000, the International Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission released to great publicity a “preliminary report” of its investigation into the actions of Pope Pius XII and the role of the Vatican in responding to the horror of the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. The committee‘s... [Read more...]

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

March 29, 2000

By Robert P. Lockwood (March 2000) Pope John Paul II recently issued a half-hearted apology for Catholics’ failure to oppose the torture and killing of six million Jews during the horrible Holocaust, but at the same time he tried to excuse Pius XII, the pope at the time, for his silence and collaboration.” – Dr. Al Snyder writing... [Read more...]

The Judeo-Catholic Commission

March 28, 2000

By Sr. Margherita Marchione, Ph.D. (Paulist Press, 2000) In the last 30 years, above all with the pontificate of John Paul II, giant steps have been made toward progress in dialogue between Jews and Catholics. To prepare a serious scholarly analysis on Pius XII, several scholars were called to participate in a Commission in order to examine the... [Read more...]

The Truth about Pope Pius XII

March 27, 2000

By Sr. Margherita Marchione, Ph.D. Pope Pius XII was not a German collaborator nor was he pro-Nazi. Neither was he inactive nor silent. As a member of the Catholic Church, I resent the blatant accusations against the diplomacy of the Pope and the Church during World War II. This is not only indecent journalism but it also an injustice toward a man... [Read more...]


March 26, 2000

The controversy over the new House chaplain continues to dog the Republicans. Instead of taking steps to put this issue behind them, they have allowed it to fester. The Catholic League has become increasingly incensed over Republican duplicity and efforts by conservatives to smear Father Timothy O’Brien. William Donohue has been in conversation with... [Read more...]


March 26, 2000

Vice president Al Gore was endorsed on February 13 by Rev. Floyd Flake inside Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church in Queens, New York. “I don’t do endorsements from across the pulpit,” said Rev. Flake, “because I never know who’s out there watching the types of laws that govern separation of church and state.” He then... [Read more...]


March 26, 2000

William A. Donohue George W. Bush set off a firestorm when he decided to kick off his South Carolina campaign by going to Bob Jones University. It is a school that to this day regards Catholicism as “a satanic counterfeit” and the “Mother of Harlots.” If you are in doubt, check out their website. Why Bob Jones University hates... [Read more...]


March 26, 2000

The lead story in the December Catalyst was on the sex survey of Catholic priests taken by the Kansas City Star. As soon as the survey was mailed in October, the Catholic League responded with a survey of its own: we sent the staff at the newspaper a similarly-worded survey questioning their sex lives. We also blasted the newspaper-turned-tabloid... [Read more...]


March 26, 2000

How many times have you heard it said that the Catholic Church seeks to “impose” its views of sexuality on the nation? Every other day? Every day? But have you ever heard it said that religions which sponsor a promiscuous view of sexuality seek to impose their views on the rest of us? The Sex Information and Education Council of the United... [Read more...]

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