Executive Summary

December 31, 1996

There are any number of activist organizations that, for one reason or another, find cause to bash the Catholic Church. Catholics for a Free Choice—which is neither Catholic nor an organization—comes immediately to mind (we didn’t bother to log their work because to do so would require a whole volume unto itself). But it is also true that there... [Read more...]

Activist Organizations

December 31, 1996

1996 South Euclid, OH – Tru-Lite Publications advertised a booklet over Prodigy condemning Catholicism. February Oklahoma City, OK – In discussing his participation in the Interfaith Alliance of Central Oklahoma, former State Rep. Harley Venters commented to the Oklahoma Gazette that “25 percent of Germans who murdered Jews in... [Read more...]


December 31, 1996

1996 Michael McConnell’s artwork appeared in the Gallery. One of his best known paintings is “Celibate Sacrifice”; it features a ghostly skeleton dressed as the pope walking on top of masses of people who appear to be groveling at his feet. McConnell also painted “Hear No…SeeNo…” which features a cardinal covering... [Read more...]


December 31, 1996

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Commercial Establishments

December 31, 1996

1996 In a catalog of its books, Barnes & Noble featured a long description of a book called The Love Affairs of the Vatican. Calling the book “controversial,” it read: “He [the author] also reveals that the immorality of the Catholic clergy was the direct result of the law of enforced celibacy imposed by Pope Gregory VII (himself... [Read more...]

Criminal Behavior

December 31, 1996

1996 President Clinton’s veto of the legislation banning Partial-Birth Abortion.  Read More →


December 31, 1996

January A Catholic high school student applied for the Jefferson Scholars Program at the University of Virginia. He was asked the following questions about his religion during the course of an interview: “What is your relationship with God?”; “Do you believe in the infallibility of the Pope?”; “What if the Pope said something... [Read more...]


December 31, 1996

1996 Austin, TX – Living Truth Ministries distributed a video, The Pope Over Jerusalem, which discusses the “unholy” plans of the Pope to reign over Jerusalem. Among the topics explored are the “hidden agenda of a high-ranking Catholic prelate…who acts as the chief strategist of the Vatican plot to conquer Jerusalem.”... [Read more...]


December 31, 1996

January Louisville, CO – Video Training Source made two videos about workplace violence prevention in which being religious was portrayed as a key characteristic. In “A Strategy for Prevention” the narrator said, “Many perpetrators are described as being religious or political extremists. This behavior further drives co-workers... [Read more...]


December 8, 1996

In the last issue of Catalyst, we printed a letter from Dr. Donohue to David Umansky, Communications Director of the Smithsonian Institution, protesting the institution’s invitation to artist Andres Serrano to open Hispanic Heritage Month. Our objection centered on the anti-Catholic work of Serrano, specifically his contribution, “Piss Christ,”... [Read more...]

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