Executive Summary

December 31, 1995

Before introducing the evidence, a few words are in order regarding some of the highlights of the year. While it is true that there are activist organizations that are clearly aligned against the Catholic Church (Catholics for a Free Choice comes quickly to mind), more common are activist organizations that pursue an agenda that clashes with the public... [Read more...]


December 31, 1995

January 2 San Francisco, CA – About 200 members of the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights, the Women’s Action Coalition and other pro-choice groups demonstrated outside St. Mary’s Cathedral, blocking the street to protest the shootings at abortion clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts and Virginia. Protesters mocked the... [Read more...]


December 31, 1995

January 4 – February 5 Millburn, NJ – In the play Forever Plaid, performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey, a bus filled with Catholic youths hits a car, killing the occupants. This incident triggered a barrage of insults aimed at the Catholic teenagers, e.g., “What a way to die–being slammed by a bus of parochial... [Read more...]


December 31, 1995

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Commercial Establishments

December 31, 1995

March 12 Rochester, NY – The Rochester Democrat and Chroniclefeatured a story on the Automatic Confession Machine, which was developed by Greg Garvey of Concordia University in Montreal. The machine has a menu which includes the Ten Commandments. The machine’s assigned penance is more severe than that received at confession. Thus, a Personal... [Read more...]

Criminal Behavior

December 31, 1995

March 11-12 Waukesha, WI – The $10,000 statue of St. William at St. William Catholic Church in Waukesha was vandalized when it was pushed off its pedestal sometime during the night. The head of the five-foot-statue was knocked off by the force of the fall, and the front of the statue was chipped and scratched. This was not the first time the... [Read more...]


December 31, 1995

January Ypsilanti, MI – A graduate student at Eastern Michigan University was ordered to remove a crucifix that was affixed to the wall above his desk. February 7 Tinton Falls, NJ – The Monmouth Regional High School Board of Education adopted a policy that would prohibit a Christian group from displaying Bible passages on school bulletin... [Read more...]


December 31, 1995

October 13, 1994 – April 2, 1995 Fort Worth, TX – The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History presented an exhibit on “The History of the Bible” which included 25 Bibles dating from the 12th century to the early 19th century. It also included a video which accused the Catholic Church of trying to suppress the Bible due to the... [Read more...]


December 31, 1995

January Request magazine published a painting under the headline, “10 Things Jesus Christ and Michael Jackson have in Common,” in which Michael Jackson was made to look like Jesus Christ, complete with halo. Among the ten things held in common were: “Oprah claims personal relationship to both;” “Suffer the little children... [Read more...]

Eugene, Oregon Rewards Anti-Catholic Exhibition

December 14, 1995

On September 16, the city of Eugene, Oregon, hosted the Eugene Celebration Parade. A panel of volunteer judges gave cash prizes to the top entries. Winning second prize ($200) was a group called the “Rickies.” Their exhibition included 18 people dressed as the Pope, bishops, priests and nuns. The title of their entry, “Pope Goes the... [Read more...]

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